DTLF Members

The DTLF is composed of more than 100 experts representing EU Member States' authorities, other public entities, as well as private organisations and individuals operating in the transport and logistics business.

Organisations and individuals can only become regular members of the DTLF on the basis of public calls for applications, of which so far two have been organised back in 2015 and 2018. In the absence of such a call, the Commission may invite experts on an ad hoc basis or grant an observer status to an interested party, in case additional expertise for the Forum’s work is needed. 

EU Member States' authorities and other public entities directly nominate their representatives to the Forum, in line with the requirements specified in the calls for applications. 

More information on the members’ selection process and modalities of work of the DTLF can be found here.

The Commission Decision establishing the DTLF can be found here.