The DTLF brings together representatives from EU Member States and stakeholders from transport and logistics communities. The expert group completed its first mandate in June 2018.

The DTFL is a group of experts in the field of transport and logistics. It provides a platform where Member States and relevant transport and logistics stakeholders can exchange technical knowledge, cooperate and coordinate with a view to support measures aimed at promoting efficient electronic exchange of information in transport and logistics. Its task is to assist the Commission in developing and implementing policy measures. It identifies challenges and areas where common action in the EU is needed, provides recommendations, and supports the implementation of these recommendations where appropriate.

The DTLF convenes in Plenary as well as at the level of subgroups. The subgroups are set up to pursue specific issues, and are disbanded as soon as their mandate is fulfilled.

During its first mandate (2015 – 2018), the DTLF has proven to be an effective tool for developing measures aimed to stimulate interoperability in the digital information exchange in transport and logistics, and enabling collaboration across sectors, borders and modes of transport. The Forum deliverables include recommendations and preparatory work for the proposal for a regulation on electronic freight transport information (EFTI), and a concept for digital corridor information systems ('federative platform').  

In September 2018, the Commission adopted Decision on setting up the second mandate of the Forum. The renewed Forum is expected to pursue its activities towards concrete implementation of the results achieved under the previous term, as well as to identify and prepare for other relevant actions in transport and logistics, aimed to create EU added value and contribute to the completion of the Digital Single Market.

The 2018 call for applications for the selection of members of the renewed DTLF is open until 26 October 2018. Please apply here.

Second mandate of the DTLF

The second mandate of the DTLF (DTLF II) was set up on 13 September 2018 by Decision of the Commission C(2018) 5921.     

Specifically, the group’s tasks are to:

  • facilitate cooperation and foster coordination between the Commission, Member States and key stakeholders;
  • provide advice and technical expertise, and to assist the Commission in the preparation, development and implementation of legislative proposals and policy initiatives;
  • assist the Commission in the preparation of delegated acts;
  • assist the Commission in the early preparation of implementing acts;
  • exchange information, experience and good practice;
  • deliver opinions, reports, and develop and propose innovative solutions to the Commission. 

First mandate of the DTLF (2015 – 2018)     

The first mandate of the Forum was set up by the European Commission in April 2015 by Decision [C(2015) 2259].  

The DTLF relied on two active subgroups, mandated to carry out targeted activities around two themes:

  • Fostering of the use of electornic transport documents
  • Developing interoperable digital information systems to optimise cargo flows along transport corridors.