The aim of the surveys is to help establish the state of play with regards to the use of electronic transport documents by the various actors in the transport and logistics chain. The surveys target the (potential) users of electronic transport documents, and follow up on a survey conducted last year, which was addressed primarily to the Member States authorities.
  •  The survey developed by SG1/Team 1 focuses on the digitisation and use of transport e-documents accompanying the cargo, in all transport modes. As explained also in the introduction to the survey, all documents accompanying the cargo during a transport operation are of interest, and not just those which serve the purpose of contract of carriage (i.e. the waybills, the transport documents stricto sensu).
  •  The survey developed by SG1/Team 3 focuses on the digitisation of documents accompanying the road vehicles, primarily concerning the registration and certification of vehicles. This narrower modal scope of the survey is explained by the decision, as endorsed by the last DTLF plenary (20/09/2016), for Team 3 to focus activity in a first instance on road, as the sector where the digitisation and/or electronic exchange of related information in electronic format is less developed.

For those of you representing industry associations, you are very much encouraged to invite your members to participate, with possible guidance as to whom within their respective organisation would have the most appropriate profile to respond to the survey(s).